vendredi 8 janvier 2010

About 1.5 years later...

So what’s about this blog you would think... A guy that post once every 6-12 months isn't very active as a blogger... You're right and in fact I could blame about everything in the life to not have time for the blog, but mostly it was due to a busy schedule.

Now, last year (6 months ago, early June 2009), I resumed from my IT Admin position in the company I was since working the past 6 years. I just felt it made no sense to continue to fight against the management to try to explain them the proper usage of an ERP system like Dynamics Great Plains. They just decided a year earlier to throw their ERP system (used since 1998) out of the Window and replace it with a complete newly different ERP... Having been gently left aside during the evaluation process, I had no chance to give my comments about the new system, so I decided that it was time to move on to something where I could apply my knowledge and experience I gained in the past 6 years with Dynamics GP.

It's like when you air a radio-show... speak about it (on the net of course :-) ) and someone will call in and ask if you’d be interested in a great position as Dynamics Great Plains Administrator. I evaluated the offer and decided that the company’s background was much more aligned with my skills and objectives, negotiated a little bit and after a few days it was a signed deal. I was leaving a SMB-sized company for another SMB-sized company, but which has the spirit and minding of a World-Class business. The technological challenge was there and the infrastructure, budgets, etc.. were all 10 times bigger than those of my previous environment.

So here we go with a great new opportunity, a top of the line software environment (Dynamics GP 10, SQL 2005/2008, MOSS 2007), what ask more? In the coming weeks, I’ll try to post a little more about my work with the new company (Forensic Technology Inc.) and share my experiences and thoughts about GP and SharePoint. Until then, happy New Year 2010 and all the best to all the fellows of the Dynamics GP community.