mercredi 14 mars 2012

I'll be on the stage at Convergence 2012 in Houston TX

After being in the Dynamics GP community for quite a few years and having answered (and asked) numerous posts (in the old Microsoft forums first and now in the new community web interface), I finally convinced my company that we should join the GPUG community.

Not only is this a great community, but they are also very active in the Dynamics GP world by providing plenty of webinars and training sessions (on-line and on-site). Having participated in quite a few webinars and discussions on-line, I noticed one day that GPUG was looking for some members to participate in topic discussions at Convergence 2012 to cover various aspects of the day to day usage in Dynamics GP. As I'm working now since several years with GP and my last company switch brought me together with the GP security a lot and cleaned up the mess from the last migration that was badly done, I thought it would be an excellent occasion to share my experience and knowledge.

So I submitted my candidature to GPUG, was auditioned on the phone with a few peers that are involved with the GP security too and got the job ! kidding, actually I was offered to share the stage at Convergence for two sessions about 'Ask the Experts:Security in Dynamics GP' (IDGP02). This will be an interactive discussion with other users in the room, a Q&A like session where people bring up their problems related to the GP security and we'll try our best to answer and share our knowledge.

This year will be my third Convergence (plus one Technical GP conference) participation and I'm very excited to be the first time on the other side of the fence :-), meeting again with my fellows of the community and my MVP friends (Dynamics GP has currently about 10 MVP's and I know personnaly 6 of them). The 4 days that I'll spend there will be a real marathon, and I'll attend to not less then 18 sessions, one receptions, two suppers and if there is some time left, why not a party (The Spot) ?

I'll try to provide some feedback on the sessions live or right after on Twitter, so follow me @GP_Beat. Hope to find some time to make a few nice pics and post them somewhere on the net (sorry, don't have FB profile...).
Houston, we don't have a problem ! lets get there...